17 Totally Perfect Bikini Bodies

What is a bikini body? Let’s be clear – a bikini body is just a body with a bikini on it. By that definition, you probably already have one (Whoohoo!).

So how do you refine it, take care of it, love it, and feel confident in it? It takes so much more than just a workout. In the 12-Week Bikini Body Challenge, I give you everything you need to look and feel amazing in a bikini, both inside and out. All you need is the courage to start and the determination to stick to the plan! 

But first, let’s a have a look at these awesome ladies who have already proved they feel awesome and beautiful even in a bikini.



1. So you were told, that there is such a thing like a perfect bikini body?


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2. Well, that’s not exactly true. Perfection is very subjective.


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3. But I think beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself!



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4. Everyone is beautiful. The way we are.


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5. But we all need to take care of what we have.


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6. So we can feel ourselves happy, fit and confident.


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7. Perfection is not the goal.


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8. Progression is the only thing you need to focus on.


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9. You need to enjoy the journey. And celebrate your hard work.


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10. Even if you don’t look like a fitness model, you need to love your body.


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11. You know what makes these girls so beautiful even with their imperfections?


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12. They all worked hard to look the way they are, and they all learnt to accept their weaknesses.


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13. So they can wear anything without being embarrassed…even a bikini.



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14. Because beauty comes from inside. The sparkle of your eyes and the kindness of your smile all talk about how beautiful you are.

perfect bikini body

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15. Love yourself and cherish who you are.


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16. Embrace that you are created to be unique.


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17. Don’t compete with others. Just be the best version of you!


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