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I'm Alexa, the co-founder and lead fitness trainer of ilostmyweight.com

The ilostmyweight team and I are devoted to help YOU and thousands of other women all around the world to change their lives through our body transformation challenges and healthy nutritional guidelines.

Our dream and passion is to encourage and help women get the best out of their bodies and lives, gaining confidence and exploring the beauty within themselves.


I began my fitness journey in 2005. I was a performing athlete in the past, which led me to my fitness love. My passion has always been significant, however during my college years I fell off the track and put on 38 lbs.

Being ashamed of my body and the struggle to lose the unwanted fat led me to study nutrition and fitness, which has helped me create a well-balanced method to not only lose unwanted weight and body fat, but easily maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle even while you are busy.

After consulting well-known personal trainers and doing endless hours of research in 2013 I established ilostmyweight.com where I share those perfected methods I have learnt and practiced throughout the years. I decided to turn my knowledge, passion and experience for fitness into full-time work to help others. Soon I realized that the success of my clients was much more fulfilling and motivating than my own.


Over the years I spent in the fitness industry I learnt that most women struggle to achieve a lean body that they can be proud of and their disappointment in themselves increases year by year. Also, I observed the unhealthy workout and eating habits in many of my female friends’ and family members’ lives that has led to irreversible destruction. When interviewing many of my clients I discovered that what most us want is the confidence and positive physical appearance that comes as a result of a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately there are many misleading fitness guides and depriving methods out there that not only bring an undesired body look but also result in very unbalanced eating habits.


My dream is to help you achieve your ideal healthy body, confidence and happiness using my proven workout guides and essential nutritional guidelines. Hence, with the help of the iLostMyWeight team’s body coaches I created the 12-Week Bikini Body Challenge which will be released in the middle of March... it's going to be huge, stay tuned 🙂

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