"Naturally “Chubby-Girl” Who Hated Her Body and Struggled With Her Weight


And Dramatically Increased Her Energy WITHOUT Doing Endless Hours of Cardio, Taking Magic Pills or Starving Herself with Low-Carb Diets ... "

The Amazing Part Is How Quickly This All Works. Within Just Days of Starting on This Program You Could Feel Leaner, Fitter, Happier and Could Be Beach-Ready In As Little As 12 Weeks or Less! †

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Alexa Botto

Author, 12 Week Bikini Body Challenge

Author of Make it Happen!

Creator of 21 Day Bikini Booty & Thighs Challenge


  • Are you fed up with hiding your muffin tops and jiggly body parts?
  • Do you feel insecure as summer is here and everyone seems to enjoy bikinis and shorts except for you? Do you always feel it takes ages to choose the right outfit that doesn't make you look "thick"?
  • Would you like to be the girl who never has to put down any beautiful clothes she likes just because they “don’t look good” on her? Just imagine finally enjoying clothes shopping without wanting to cry that the cute trendy tank tops and short skirts make you look "big".
  • Do you feel like you’ve tried diets and workouts but you always gave up on them because they didn't seem to work?
  • Have you ever been frustrated when scrolling through social media wishing that those girls’ fit, toned and sexy bodies were yours, feeling like a loser thinking you may never get to the firm and toned figure they have?


If you’re anything like my old self then you know the feeling of being tired of looking in the mirror and feeling disappointed, sometimes even disgusted by what you see.

You know what it feels like to be insecure going out because you are afraid of what others will think about you. You have experienced the frustration of clothes shopping because you usually realize that all the stylish and trendy clothes are tailored for your skinny friends. You want to look and feel fit, sexy and slim, but you don't know where to start the change.

This accurately describes my life a few years back…and if you are not the type of girl who was born to look skinny you might have also experienced what’s it like being unhappy with your body.

Unfortunately this is why hundreds of fitness companies, gurus and scammers have suckered smart girls like you and me into buying all kinds of magazines, disappointing diets, quick-fix DVDs or pills to give it to us.

What you are about to discover is not a temporary quick fix or  gimmick. This is not some hype to steal your hard-earned money. I couldn't live with myself if I tried to sell lies. I want to help you because I know precisely what’s it like feeling trapped in your own skin, hating your body and feeling powerless to make a lasting change.

The truth is that I stumbled upon a way to change my training and eating habits that helped me lose 38 pounds, drop 3 dress sizes and feel fit, toned and confident. It is so powerful yet so brief that I just had to share it with you and the rest of the world.

Let me share a true story with you.


In fact it was a NIGHTMARE….

This is me, a few years ago. See, I wasn't born to be a skinny fitness model. In fact, I'm only a 5'’1 ordinary girl who was told since her childhood that looked "chubby like her -beloved- grandma." Yes...I was the type who was told by her friends: "If you just look at a cake you gain 10 pounds."

Despite not being a skinny girl, I was always active and athletic, but it never really helped me to get the fit body I dreamt about. My family always called me "strong" or "thick" but I always knew it meant fat.

Once I got to college, it just got worse... I definitely put on the “Freshman 15”, but then it kept going.  Needless to say, my confidence and self-image began to plummet.

I struggled for years with being ashamed of the way I looked, trying everything to change myself. I felt disgusted by the body I had. I didn't like it at all, just learnt to tolerate it...


I've tried EVERY EXISTING METHOD I knew about just to make myself slimmer. 

I tried doing exercises but nothing seemed to melt the fat away. I bought expensive programs that promised the sky but nothing helped. I tried diets after diets and felt like nothing was working.

I still vividly remember my rock bottom that I could have never imagined happening to me: It was a birthday celebration when I let the feeling of guilt overwhelm me…I ran upstairs and bent over the toilet trying to get rid of my dinner...I was so ashamed, and afraid that the path I stepped on would lead me to some kind of eating disorder, but it didn’t stop me. I starved myself, tried endless detox and I just lost hope.

I never felt happy when I looked in the mirror. I hated trying on new clothes because I knew I looked "chunky" in all of them. If it was up to me I would have always worn sweatpants and hoodies. I didn't feel comfortable or pretty. 

On top of all I was experiencing shortness of breath, backaches, and exhaustion around the clock.

The last drop in the water was when I saw some photos from our family vacation. I looked at the pictures alone and I cried. It was a reality punch in the face. I was so embarrassed.

Although I’ve never been obese, the extra weight I carried around not only weighed me down physically, it also weighed down my personality.

My disappointment and frustration led me to feel depressed and lost. Until I found out something...

Several years ago, I started to notice that the quick fixes and DVDs promoted by some of the fitness stars and gurus delivered some success only to keep people coming back for more.

Also, the pro fitness trainers you see smiling in the magazines or commercials are looking perfectly fit because they have plenty of money and time, plus all the support they need 24/7. (I don’t even want to mention all the unhealthy and unethical tricks some of them use just to look good on a promotional photo.) Most of them have never experienced what’s it like to feel chunky or overweight because they are naturally skinny models.

But most of us live ordinary lives and can barely spare half an hour to do some exercise. We need tangible results. We cannot Photoshop ourselves in real life.

We want to look like these hotties, but we don't have access to the tools and especially the time they have. That's why many girls get frustrated and soon give up. I've been there too.


And I see girls like you doing the same thing every single day. I bought into what the so-called "experts" were selling...

They try to sell you diet plans that tell you to cut out all carbs and fats...and eat less than 1100 calories per day! - Well, did you know that most sicknesses come from poor nutrition? Not to mention all the yo-yo dieters who starve themselves all week, burn their bodies out and fall back into binge eating on the weekends, gaining more and more pounds.

The so-called “guru trainers” offer you a 10-minute quick-fix workout a day – Let’s get real. Do you know ANYBODY who got serious results by training for 10 minutes a day? We both know it doesn’t work like that. If you want real results you need a real solution.

Others tell you to train for a minimum of 6 hours a week! - How long do you think you or anyone else with a LIFE can keep that up?

“Here’s How I Went From Being Unnoticed, Sick of Covering up My Muffin Top
and Feeling Unattractive, Frustrated and Tired,
to the Toned and Fit Bikini Body of My Wildest Dreams
and Having Tons of Energy and Confidence.”

I started studying nutrition and fitness. I got in touch with some medical friends, all the personal trainers I knew at the time, and I also had the privilege to study, consult and learn from some TRUSTWORTHY and well-known world-class trainers - specialized in women’s fitness - who taught me the key mechanisms and principles to the most effective training methods considering the goals I was looking for.

The information and knowledge I gained was invaluable, but at the same time overwhelming.

I started testing out what I’d learnt, went deep inside nutritional guides and tried out different workout methods. Without realizing it I developed a system that has helped me lose 38 pounds, 3 dress sizes, and get the sleek and toned body that I've always dreamed of. Being in shape has changed my life greatly. Finally I feel better, look better, and really enjoy shopping for clothes and dressing up now. I feel happy, confident and proud of myself that I've changed my life! My energy levels are up, and I have gained so much strength, flexibility, and endurance!

My friends got so excited about my results that they started asking me for the plan I've developed. So I decided to give back what I've stumbled upon and share this method with everyone who wants a change! It’s a method that doesn't require all of your free time but is still super-effective, without the need to go to the gym.

So I spent the next two years of my life researching and perfecting the ultimate program that…

- burns fat faster than any regular run or elliptical so we get slimmer faster than we could ever dream possible

- tones the trouble zones that we all struggle with

- targets our abs, inner and outer thighs, booty and arms

- can make us feel and look amazing inside and out...

I focused on one question:

"How Can I Get Long-Lasting Results in the Least Amount of Time
for a Girl Like Me Who Was Not Lucky Enough
to be Born With the Naturally Skinny, Sleek Shape?"

It sounds simple, right? Then how come millions of girls are struggling with low self-esteem, have eating disorders or just simply hate the body they see in the mirror? How come our world is full of “experts” and easy workout programs but girls like me and you struggle to get and maintain a sexy and healthy body more than ever before! And that’s not to mention the deprivation diets that just mess up our metabolism, leading us to binge eating and further weight gain.

Most of us don’t have enough time or money to afford what the full-time trainers and models do. Most of us don't have the best genes to shed the unwanted pounds within a few weeks either.

This is why, using the knowledge and experience I gained, I did my best and perfected a program that brings a real solution to real girls like you and me! 

Introducing the 12-Week Bikini Body Challenge!

"The Hottest Home Workout System that delivers extreme fitness, simple nutrition and extreme results!" 


Just 3 easy monthly payments of $15.95 (NO other hidden fees!)
Or select a single payment option during checkout.
Double Money Back Guarantee for 12 Weeks!


This program is not magic and it's not for everyone. In fact it's kick-ass hard work. If you want another quick-fix scam, fat-burning belly cream or pound-shredding magic pill then please leave this page. It’s better to say goodbye to each other now if you don’t want a real solution.

I didn't create the 12-Week Bikini Body Challenge for daydreamers who are afraid of breaking a sweat. But if you are willing to put just 28 minutes of honest effort into doing a quick circuit at home 3-4 times a week, plus minimal cardio, THEN I'M TALKING TO YOU.

"My biggest joy is when I hear back from my clients telling me how their lives have changed using my programs and advice."

Being able to bring real results to girls who previously struggled for years always makes me feel happy, humbled and blessed.

My mission is to continue to bring life-changing results to more and more women around the world…INCLUDING YOU.

I’ve learnt something very important during these years:

"There is no better time to start transforming your body than TODAY. Tomorrow’s happiness is hidden in today’s actions!"

Postponing is your enemy!

DON'T WAIT! Get rid of your excuses and become the fit and happy girl you deserve to be! I’ve got a VERY limited opportunity for you ONLY available on this page and only if you take action RIGHT NOW!

Introducing the 12 Week Bikini Body Challenge!

"The Hottest Home Workout System that delivers extreme fitness, simple nutrition and extreme results!" 

Click Here to Start Your Transformation Today!

Just 3 easy monthly payments of $15.95 (NO other hidden fees!)
Or select a single payment option during checkout.
Double Money Back Guarantee for 12 Weeks!


  • You want to shed some unwanted pounds and decrease your body fat so you will be able to enjoy tank tops and shorts without feeling chunky in them.
  • You want to feel and look fit, toned, sexy and healthy without spending hours and hours in the gym.
  • You want to tone all your trouble zones so you will enjoy the flat tummy, firm booty and sleek thighs that every girl is dreaming about.
  • You are fed up with the sky-promising DVDs and quick fixes and you want a real solution that’s been developed for real girls like you.
  • You want to burn fat and calories twice as fast as you could with just regular runs or improvised exercises so that the little time you spend on exercises will actually get you more results.
  • You want to be able to wear any outfit – even cute bikinis - confidently without worrying about covering your muffin top and jiggly parts, so there’s no more fear of what others may think of you.
  • You don’t just want another a 30-day quick-fix diet that messes up your metabolism, but you want a real change in your lifestyle so you get long-lasting results.
  • You want to know what foods to eat and when without the hassle of calorie counting or starving yourself with dumb diets so you will be able to stay on track and enjoy food without guilt.
  • You are willing to follow some simple instructions in your training and eating habits so you will know exactly what to do each day for transforming your body.
  • You want to be able to do your workouts from wherever you want (from the comfort of your home, the park, a hotel room, the beach or even from a gym) so you are not limited to places.
  • You want to boost your metabolism and have a healthier and fitter life so you can live every day to your full potential.
  • You want to reduce cellulite from your thighs and booty so you don’t need to cover your backside with a towel on the beach.
  • You want to increase your energy levels and sleep better at night.
  • You want to get your workouts done quickly and effectively, so you will feel strong, fit and get on with your day without spending hours on exercises.
  • You want to sculpt every muscle so your transformation will be visible from every angle.
  • You want flat abs without the need to hide muffin tops in a tight top.
  • You want sleek thighs so you can put on those sexy shorts without feeling chunky.
  • You want a firm, toned butt so you can feel attractive again.
  • You want to improve your sex life, feeling confident in bed even when you are naked so you can enjoy those precious moments with the love of your life without feeling embarrassed and searching for the light switch.
  • You want to scroll through social media without feeling bad and wishing that those girls’ fit, toned and sexy bodies were yours.
  • You want to change your life and inspire others around you proving that with determination anything is possible.
  • You want your partner to brag about how beautiful you are so you will feel proud of yourself and able to trust in him.


Want something more valuable than all the money on earth?

Silly question, right? I can help give it to you if you click the happy, orange “Order Now” button above and take some no-risk action today. Use my bikini body method for just 90 days at NO RISK. You will not only tone all your trouble zones and burn fat, but you will also get confidence, energy and health. YOU DESERVE TO SPARKLE!

Think about it...

What if you could be the best version of you in less than 12 weeks without starving yourself and working out for hours on end? Most girls start with some random workouts or challenges from social media, but they never get to see the body they dream of. That's a huge difference, right?

Do you really want to keep wishing you looked like the girls from Instagram? No way!

You want to live every minute of your own life to the fullest and enjoy the confidence and happiness you deserve!

Let's not kid each other: What I'm talking about is truly priceless.

Think about it: "What if you could get a fantastic body exercising without leaving the comfort of your home? Most girls spend five hours or more every week in the gym...only if they can manage to show up!"

I will not lie: It took me a lot of hard work to develop this program. I had to break sweat a lot...and it was very tough at the beginning because I tested lots of training methods to find the IDEAL FORMULA for getting the best results in the SHORTEST TIME POSSIBLE



If you are willing to do exactly what I tell you in the Bikini Body Challenge and let me push you to your limits. It's going to be hard work, and it won't be easy. But we will do it together, and when you're done, you'll feel STRONGER and will have more CONFIDENCE than ever before.

I will say this again: This is fun but challenging. No wimps allowed. No whiners, no quitters. All you need is to have a very basic fitness level (but even if you don’t, I tell you exactly what to do to get ready for the challenge).

Just get ready to PUT ASIDE ALL YOUR PAST FAILURES AND DISAPPOINTMENTS and give me 12 weeks to prove my point. This challenge simply works. I risk my name and my own money to help you get the life you love in the body you love.

If I'm wrong, you are not out a penny. If I'm right (and I am) you will have toned and lean muscles, less fat, a fit and sexy bikini body and a healthy life that no one can take away from you.

Do we have a deal?

Introducing the 12 Week Bikini Body Challenge!

"The Hottest Home Workout System that delivers extreme fitness, simple nutrition and extreme results!" 

Click Here to Start Your Transformation Today!

Just 3 easy monthly payments of $15.95 (NO other hidden fees!)
Or select a single payment option during checkout.
Double Money Back Guarantee for 12 Weeks!


Plain and simple. Why am I saying this?

I don't mean to sound negative but it's the truth. The vast majority of girls who exercise are not getting the results they want because - in the little time they have - they just improvise and follow their own ideas or pick from here and there...without ever seeing significant results. This happened to me too.

But following a well-composed and specifically designed program - with a huge variety of killer moves that makes the workout efficient, fun and more enjoyable - is always the smart choice. 

With my program you will not only gain toned shape and burn fat, but you will also save time. We're talking months of time...even years!

Okay, You Have A Lot of Questions...

Hey, that's okay! I'm sitting here telling you that you can train smart and get great results.

But there are so many gimmicks out there, how can you know this is a system that you can trust in? How can you know the 12-Week Bikini Body Challenge will work for you and it’s not another lame weight loss system that just wants to suck in your money?

I'd be curious if I were you too. And I'd be skeptical if I didn't have the inside track on why all this works.

Just click on the questions to see my response to the 11 biggest excuses some girls may make to avoid starting the life changing bikini body challenge.

“Alexa, I tried before and failed” +

Really? So you try things once and then you give up? When you were a baby and you fell over the first time you tried to walk, do you wish your parents had given up and said, "Oh well, she tried to walk once and fell over—I guess she'll just have to crawl for the rest of her life?"

“Alexa, I don’t know if I want to spend money again on something when I have workout DVDs and have lost weight before” +

First of all, we live a mobile and instant world and DVDs are going out of fashion and market, and you will not be able to use them very soon.

What I’m giving you today is COMPLETELY different than a workout DVD.

- It is a comprehensive and complex program, which can be easily implemented in your busy lifestyle - unlike most DVDs, which include just couple of boring moves you need to repeat over and over again and only causes you to hit a plateau in literally weeks.

- You can use the 12-Week Bikini Body Challenge whenever and wherever you want. You don’t need to look after your sensitive disc, no need for a DVD player or you’re not bound to any room or location anymore.

- There is no shipping time and fee + no return fee if you decide to cancel… however I’m confident that you will love it 🙂

"Alexa, but all those who look awesome have superior genes." +

Genetics help… that’s a fact. But many of us have horrible genetics and overcame that. I personally have terrible genes and you know what… screw genes…

We can use it as an excuse or train smart and look our best. Because yes… even with bad genetics YOU CAN look hot, toned and fit. Among many I’m living proof of that.

“ Alexa, I believe it worked for others, but is it going to work for me?” +

Let me be honest with you. This may not be for you… I’m looking for girls who

- Are able and willing to follow instructions, are after a challenge and want real results FAST!

- Who don’t just want to go after the trends, don’t want to throw in the towel after 2 days, but are ready do their best and want to completely transform their bodies FOR GOOD.

- Girls who are not afraid to break a sweat…

If you are not this type and are just looking for some quick-fix diet pill or temporary solution… then it’s just better if we say good-bye to each other right here.

But if you are looking for something that you’ve never seen before… something fun… something that you can do anywhere for real results… then yes, it will work for you too!

"Alexa, this sounds too good to be true…." +

Trust me, it's not too good to be true, and you may be cursing my name during every circuit... 🙂 Real results need real work, and I just made it simple and achievable for everybody, not just for the pros.

I promise that it will be one of the biggest achievements of your life and you will be sooo proud of yourself.

“Alexa, are you exaggerating?” +

I am not exaggerating at all: There are REAL people with REAL results who have finished the challenge, and loved every minute of it!

It transformed their bodies and their lives… and not only that: it helped them establish a short and fun workout routine incorporated in their busy schedule! All they are doing now is maintaining the new body they’ve got.

“Alexa, I love going to gym, but you are talking about home workout. Can I do these circuits at the gym?” +

Absolutely! You can do them from wherever you want… hotel room, park, your home, gym, beach or even at your friend’s home – but ask her before you go there 🙂

It’s completely up to you where you want to get it done… the results will be the same.

“Alexa, how do I know your method is really proven, tested and works? +

Remember, I put 2 years of passionate and dedicated work into this project, and I would NEVER risk my name and integrity with something that doesn’t work.

Look at my pictures to see what it did to my once “hopeless” body, read the testimonials and for total peace of mind check out my triple guarantee. Who else does that?

“Alexa, it’s all good but I’m too busy to do it right now” +

No problem. But do you think there will ever be a time in your life when you have plenty of time? Forgive me if I’m being honest… it’s a dream world. Trust me, I’ve been there.

This is the reason my workout circuits are short, powerful and straight to the point. I don’t want you to exercise for hours because I know that none of us have time for that.

We all have a busy schedule and life can throw ugly things at us… but hey… if you have time to hang out on social media and watch an episode of your favorite series then I believe you have the time to invest in your health and confidence too.

"Alexa, why 12 weeks? Isn’t it a bit too much? Summer is almost here…" +

They say one of the hardest things to break through in life is a bad habit.

You may reach your body transformation goal much earlier than 12 weeks, however I want to stay with you during these three months so you don’t just complete another workout program, but that it becomes a part of your life. And you know what happens if you create a good habit in your life, right? It brings success, and will take you to your dream.

"Alexa, are you serious about your No Questions Asked Double Money-Back Guarantee?" +


- In the unlikely case that you don’t have visible results within your first months, you’ll get 100% of your money back. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

- If you honestly complete the challenge and do everything EXACTLY the way I instructed you and see no results, I’ll PERSONALLY try to help you and if still have no results, I will give 2x your money back! All I ask from you is to be honest.

Why would I offer this?

  1. I personally stand behind and confidently BELIEVE in my product. It is my passion to help.
  1. YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO ME and I confidently BELIEVE and TRUST in YOU! Period.



  • The 12-Week Bikini Body Challenge Manual (eBook) - $97Value

The Bible of the most effective workouts to achieving bikini-body confidence.

This revolutionary program took over two years of passion, love, effort, testing, and refining to deliver you the ultimate way to transform your body and get the confident, sleek and toned feminine look you deserve.

Remember, this is a proven and results-focused program designed for special girls like you with real struggles. This is your great chance to finally become the best you can be.


  • The most effective training methods developed for women with full explanations so you will not only train hard hoping for results but you will learn how to train smart, knowing that your short workouts will achieve the best transformation possible. It provides you with the right combination of bodyweight, cardio and minimal free-weight training so you’ll burn fat and calories twice as fast as you could with just regular runs.
  • 12 weeks’ worth of high intensity resistance circuits
  • Altogether 36 circuits that are no longer than 28 minutes each so you will quickly get it done, get the best out of the time and get on with your day. You will do the circuit trainings 3 times a week, getting the best out of every minute spent on working out.
  • Throughout these 3 months you will use one of the most powerful techniques, called progressive overload. This way your body is always guessing your workouts and doesn’t adapt or plateau. This is a crucial part in your fast body transformation.
  • 54 carefully selected and designed moves so all your muscles will be involved and you will never get bored or annoyed by the repetitions.
  • Safety and efficiency tips to keep you away from injuries and fallbacks even when you are tired
  • Every week you will work equally on your upper body (arms and abs) and your lower body (booty and legs) so your full body transformation will be visible from every angle.


  • * Limited time only - Bonuses will be taken away soon and the price of the challenge will go back to the original price of $97
  • BONUS #1: Bikini Body Nutrition Guide - $27 Value

Without healthy eating and a clean diet we need to forget about our dream body. As it is often said: You can’t out exercise bad nutrition.

  • BONUS #2: 54-page step-by-step Exercise Glossary - $17 Value

With detailed pictures so you’ll know how to do each exercise correctly and will get the most out of each move

  • BONUS #3: Warm up & Stretching Guide - $7 Value

So you don't need to guess or think of what moves to use before and after workout… I've got you 100% covered

  • BONUS #4: Printable monthly Workout Calendars

So you can easily stay on track with your training even when you are busy. You will never have to improvise.

  • BONUS #5: 12-Week Inspirational Messages - $12 Value

A book full of heart-to-heart messages, motivational pictures and weekly inspirations to keep you motivated throughout your amazing body transformation…because fitness is about taking good care of your body, mind and soul.

  • The 12-Week Bikini Body Challenge + the 5 Bonuses are digital download, Available INSTANTLY WORLDWIDE, accessible from any device (smartphone, tablet, iPad, computer) so you DON’T NEED TO WORRY about shipping fees or time!



about me blog page elements

Try my 12 Week Bikini Body Challenge for 90 full days. If you are not completely satisfied I’ll gladly repay every penny…double!

This is unheard in the fitness industry! I risk a lot, but I believe in my product and I trust and believe even more in YOU!

This is how much I want to help!

  • In the unlikely case that you don’t have visible results within two months, you’ll get 100% of your money back.
  • If you don’t see your body transforming within 12 weeks in spite of following the instructions and giving it your best shot… you will get your money back doubled.
  1. I personally stand behind and confidently BELIEVE in my product. I would NEVER risk my name and integrity.
  1. I've been where you are and I really wan to help. I understand if you don't trust me yet but YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO ME and I confidently BELIEVE and TRUST in YOU! Period.

Who else would do this? NOBODY. (I've checked.)

Introducing the 12 Week Bikini Body Challenge!

"The Hottest Home Workout System that delivers extreme fitness, simple nutrition and extreme results!" 

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Just 3 easy monthly payments of $15.95 (NO other hidden fees!)
Or select a single payment option during checkout.
Double Money Back Guarantee for 12 Weeks!

Get the HOTTEST and Most Guaranteed Bikini Body Workout ever created along with 5 Amazing Bonuses Today for more than 50% Off + Immediate Access (no shipping fee or time)

To hire someone with similar results I have… it would cost you somewhere between $90-150 per session. But you can not get me in person because I'm fully booked till next August.

The normal price of this program is $97 (which is still very-very cheap when you compare to what you get) but I’ve always believed that the joy of fitness and a healthy, confident body should be available for everyone without any exception. 

So I’ve decided to make the bikini body dream available for a limited amount of girls for as little as $1.3 per session + 5 Amazing Bonuses. That’s almost half of a pack of chewing gum at Walmart! Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 20.19.51

Let's do a quick math:

12 weeks x 3 circuits/week = 36 training session

$47/36 = $1.3 per session! Are you serious? Where can you get a personal trainer for $1.3?

We both know that NOWHERE. I've also checked.


Did you know that almost 90% of gym membership owners will never walk through the door more than a few times?

This is just sad. Over a BILLION (with a "B") dollars a year is wasted on memberships people never use.

For a long time I thought it was just laziness...but I am not lazy! And I bet you are not lazy either. True, some of us (including me) need a good kick in the butt from time to time, but overall we are NOT lazy people, right?


What you need is a working and specifically designed method. That's what I'm about to share with you. It gives you a very simple and inexpensive tool you need to get in shape without wasting time AND money.

It’s time that somebody "ordinary", from real life who was desperate for change but had the same struggles and failures like most of the girls for years...found something that just SIMPLY WORKS. And I have proof.

Introducing the 12 Week Bikini Body Challenge!

"The Hottest Home Workout System that delivers extreme fitness, simple nutrition and extreme results!" 

Click Here to Start Your Transformation Today!

Just 3 easy monthly payments of $15.95 (NO other hidden fees!)
Or select a single payment option during checkout.
Double Money Back Guarantee for 12 Weeks!

Only 323 Girls Will Ever Get Their Dream Bikini Body with the 12-Week Bikini Body Challenge at this RIDICULOUS Low Price + 5 Amazing Bonuses…Period!

The price of this program will soon go back to normal ($97 without bonuses)...and then your chance is really gone to get real results with a program developed for real girls.

Besides that, summer is just around the corner…which means every day you lose the chance of getting a toned, defined, lean body, because you’re not training smart with a proven program that has the potential to reinvent your entire shape.

Don’t lose any more days! You deserve better than the sad look on your beautiful face...


Well… there actually is.

Click the happy orange button below to get your bikini body in 12 weeks or LESS!

When you hit the buy button, it will take you to our secure order form that looks like this.

samcart snapshot

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Alexa Botto

alexa botto

Alexa Botto

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Author of Make it Happen!

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Just 3 easy monthly payments of $15.95 (NO other hidden fees!)
Or select a single payment option during checkout.
Double Money Back Guarantee for 12 Weeks!

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