5 Healthy Ways to Relieve Stress

5 Healthy Ways to Relief Stress

Stress is something that is almost impossible to avoid. Between your job and dealing with your kids, it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the things that you have to accomplish each day. Dealing with stress is not always easy, but stress relief can be natural and healing. If the pressure is starting to…

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10 Mind Blowing Facts About Your Food


Chances are you wouldn’t put something in your mouth unless you knew exactly what it was. However, many of the foods that you eat daily might be hiding something. There are some surprising food facts that would really shock you and change the way that you look at your favorite meals. Beyond just nutrition, it…

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Surprising Daily Habits Keeping You Overweight

Surprising Daily Habits Keeping You

If you are overweight, chances are you have some daily habits that are keeping you from achieving your dream body. Many of these habits don’t really pop out and seem all that bad, but when you take a closer look it is easy to see how they are hindering your weight loss. Being overweight does…

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5 Reasons to Skip a Workout Without Feeling Guilty


Let’s face it: No one is perfect. Your exercise routine is important to you, and you’ve been sticking to your workout plan without fail for a little while now. Those are things that you deserve to be commended for. Nonetheless, there are going to be times when you’re going to have to take a break…

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The Ideal Amount of Fruits and Veggies


Eating vegetables and fruits is one of the oldest and well known rules of healthy living. In fact, this is a rule that mothers have been religiously preaching to their children as long as we can remember, even though they had very little scientific evidence to back it. Now they have a reason to do…

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