Simple Ways to Get 10 Mins of Fitness Excercise

Health and fitness professionals recommend that adults spend at least 45 to 60 minutes a day getting exercise. For those just beginning, it’s best to start exercising for just 30 minutes. Unfortunately many women just cannot carve out 30 to 60 minutes for a workout every day.

Don’t be discouraged because you can always fit in the time if you’re clever. According to fitness guru Ann Grandjean EdD, you just have to keep moving. She suggests using a cordless or cell phone for calls so that you can walk when you talk and  take every opportunity to just move around. If you are going to the mall, park several blocks away and walk, use the stairs instead of riding in the elevator. All this movement adds up throughout the day.

Sneak In Short Bursts of Exercise

Studies are being done on the most effective ways to exercise and one study discovered that women who divide their workout into 10-minute segments were more able to work out consistently and stick to their routine. After five months it was shown that these women lost more weight than their counterparts who were doing 20 to 40 minute workouts.

Exercise physiologist Glenn Gaesser, PhD of the University of Virginia conducted a study to find out if exercising in short bursts was effective. In the study men and women both were required to finish a total of 15 exercise routines only lasting 10 minutes, in a week’s time. This was to be done each week for 3 weeks. So if there are 7 days in a week that would mean twice a day for 10 minutes each, plus on one of those days they needed to exercise 3 times for 10 minutes each.

The results were amazing, after 3 weeks the participants’ aerobic fitness was the same as the aerobic fitness of people 10 to 15 years their junior. When measuring their flexibility, muscular endurance and strength they were found to be the same as people as much as 20 years younger.

Another study which was conducted at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, MD discovered that for adults who are inactive, moving around and being active in many short bursts is just as effective in getting results as doing longer, more defined exercise programs. Dr. Gaesser recommends that people give up their “all or nothing” attitude towards exercise and not worry about carving out a set 30 minute block of time for their workout everyday.

Harold Taylor, a time management expert with Taylor Time Consultants in Toronto, recommends dividing your workouts into small bits when you have a really busy day. This, he’s found, gives people a confidence boost as they’re not ignoring their health. He’s written many pieces on the topic and is adamant in his belief that missing your workout altogether is “de-motivational” because guilt and depression follow and this drags you down. People who skip their workout just decide it’s pointless because they just can’t fit in the time and they give it up altogether. But if you fit it in bit by bit throughout the day, this keeps you motivated and energized and one success leads to another creating a positive mind-set.

This is all good news for busy professionals but everyone needs to be reminded that exercising in short bursts is not meant to replace your regular workout, but as a supplement. There are many innovative and very doable ways that you can fit exercise into your day even when you’re pressed for time and can’t get to the gym. They don’t all need to be done in one day, mix it up and enjoy moving around.

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